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Straw Hat Digital has been alive and kicking since 2001, and our Client Testimonials need to be heard. We have dealt with hundreds of customers over the years, whether we have been a Freelance or an actual Company, we have had our ups and downs. What we always guarantee is expertise and solid advice; besides our work and ethics. We can do anything that relates to the full turnkey Marketing process. We love what we do, and we will keep pushing on, no matter the situation.

If I can say something (It is Gareth talking right now), is that we primarily want success for you! It is not always about making a profit, but rather making a dream come true. This is why I believe we are different to your normal “digital agency”. We care for you, and take a genuine interest, and I hope some of these testimonials will help you see this.

If you want solid confirmation (I know personally a lot of “agencies” mess people around), please email us, or send us a WhatsApp. We want YOU to succeed, and we would love to play a role in that.

Since 2007 I have been dealing with Gareth, he has run out Google Ads campaigns and brought us in so many quality leads. I highly recommend his efforts and expertise.

Martin Rudman

Former Marketing Director, IH Johannesburg

Gareth helped me form a new marketing strategy for multiple businesses and he has helped me a lot. I really can recommend Straw Hat Digital, especially if you are a start up, or want to start a side hustle.

Taryn van Jaarsveldt

Owner, Indiana Bones Mobile Pet Grooming

We have been running for a long time, and being in the construction industry is very competitive. Straw Hat Digital helped us cement our place (no pun intended), in the market with Google Advertising. We really recommend their expertise.

Wesley Mantle

Regional Manager, Mantle Projects

We took a chance with a start up and started a family orientated business, and Gareth was there all the way helping us advertise on Google. I am a web developer by trade, but have really put faith and trust in him and Straw Hat and they have delivered. Highly recommended.

Christopher Almond

CEO, Trampoline Pros

We were always on the map, and word of mouth was our form of marketing. But since Straw Hat Digital walked in, they not only built us an amazing website, but helped grow our social media and help us come up with marketing plans. I love working with them, and can’t picture myself anywhere else.

Emily Pearce

Owner, Emily's Cakes

I have been life long friends with Gareth, bit he went out of his way to build me an amazing Website and assist with my social media.oresekce and marketing. I am a man of few words, but his work is fantastic. Would recommend him any day of the week.

Gavin Erwin

Owner, Gavin Erwin Fish Artist

I first started working with Gareth’s son Tony, before he got ill. They ran my Google campaigns for years, and I was very happy with their services. Always went the extra mile and happy to help.

Brian Morgan

CEO, C2C Property Evaluations

Straw Hat Digital helped me build a low cost Google Ads campaign that converted, and got me where I am today. They have done souch for me, and when I was a start-up they were so accommodating. Use them!

Eric Njungana

CEO, Rent-a-box

I am not big into technology… I am very old school if I can put it that way. Gareth helped me out my name out there on Social Media and via Blog Posts on another website. I am very grateful, and it has brought me new business, and allowed me to carry on my dream.

Donald McLennan

Owner and Tour Guide, Ndlovu Travel

I really appreciate the hard work Gareth put in while helping us build our brand up again after a tragic event. He revamped our website at a low cost and helped us get back on the map again. I am so thankful.

Judy Lombard

Acting MD, Fibre Features

Gareth started my YouTube channel, and wrote countless fishing articles for me that I published. His attention to detail is impeccable and I commend his services. Thank you so much!

Marlon Sukhunan

Chief Editor, Anglers Talk Magazine

Gareth freelanced for us, for about a year and a half, and he brought strength and reputation to our Company in the Google AdWords and copywriting departments. He is a solid individual, and someone you want to have on your team. We really appreciated his efforts, and wish we had him on board with us today.

Lionel Singh

Financial Director, Project Design Online Marketing

Straw Hat Digital is absolutely fantastic to work with! No request is too little or large for the team to conquer.

Inken Gartrell

CEO, iKON 360 Marketing

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